Application Areas

Wiotech’s solution for wireless monitor and control can be used widely and in different applications. The products can be used for various measurements and follow up of temperature and relative humidity in almost all areas. The products are ready and prepared for future extensions to support other types of sensors available on the market, such as CO2, Smoke and Light sensors, to mention just a few. The products have already been successfully used since 2009 to control indoor climate.

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Examples of where our system may be used:

Cultural heritage sites

Churches – Museums – Castles

Monitor indoor climate

Measure air quality

Control of indoor climate

Intermittent heating

Detection and reduction of mold problems

Hospitals and healthcare

Hospitals – Healthcare facilities – Laboratories

Measure and observe indoor climate

Monitor blood-bag temperature

Monitor samples

Temperature monitoring in incubator


Supermarkets – Hotells – Offices – Restaurants – Warehouses – Vaccation homes

Refrigerator/freezer temperature monitoring

Door open/close monitoring

Temperature and relative humidity detection

Smoke detection

Snow weight on the roof monitoring

Shelf-weight monitoring

Water leakage detection

Monitor air quality

Remote control of temperature



Green houses – Hydroponics – Urban farming


Monitor temperature and relative humidity

Monitor water consumption

Moisture in soil

Measure pH

Automatic watering system

Lightning system

Monitor of oxygen and carbondioxid levels


Appartments – Houses

Individual measurement of power consumption

Individual measurement of hot and cold water

Monitor temperature and relative humidity