“Wiotech. Your partner for wireless sensor networks and internet of things”

Wireless sensor networks

Wireless sensor networks used to be characterized by short operating range and low reliability. Wiotech has solved these problems with its own research based proprietary design and solutions. Our wireless radio has a very long propagation range and strong radio signal, still with very low energy consumption. If one device would lose radio contact, the system would immediately compensate for that by the use of mesh technology to find an alternative route for data from the source to the designated destination. The more radio devices in the sensor network, the more robust the system will be.

Every device in the system has its own built in intelligence. Devices can either be set for automatic local operation or to be controlled from a central device, so called Local Manager, which is also a gateway to internet. A set of devices (depending on need and circumstance) can work together in one local area network and thereby enable more advanced functions to be utilized. Examples on this are automatic control of different functions such as heaters, ventilation systems, de-humidifiers etc. Add to that a scheduling function based on individual sensor feedback and you have a full easy-to-install indoor climate control system.

Our products or your ideas

Wiotech offers wireless solutions in pre-programmed bundle packages (see our Products) or solutions customised per customer request. We also provide technical training and support on wireless sensor network technologies and system integration.

We are proud to offer you products and services for wireless monitoring and control, anywhere and anytime. With our flexible system, you can develop your own products and solutions for the all-connected future. Our team consists of hardware and software developers, product developers and marketing people. We have rich experiences from wireless sensor network design, both hardware and software. Please feel free to Contact us with your request.